Every R100 provides 10 females with sanitary products, every month.

A period should end a sentence, not a woman’s education!

Every month, over 7 million females miss 3 to 4 days of school, sport, varsity or work because of the lack of access to sanitary products in South Africa. In our schools, young ladies miss a total of 140 million school days in a calendar year. The ability to manage menstruation with adequate dignity is essential to the human rights of a woman. Donate now to tackle this major injustice.


MENstruation Foundation NPC


Account No: 1196535450

Branch: 198 765


Sanitary Pad Vending Machine Project aims to end ‘period poverty’

by creating free access to sanitary pads for young woman during their menstrual cycle.

We are all about sustainability and long term/permanent solutions. Each schoolgirl receives one token that she can use at the vending machine to retrieve a pack of eight sanitary pads per month. Pads are locally manufactured and compostable. The machine works on a simple rotation basis, is compact, does not use electricity and is installed in bathrooms.